List of all the memes

To help you navigate through the blog and the different meme entries I listed all of them below. If you are looking for something in particular, all you gotta do is hit your browser’s search engine (e.g.: on Firefox ->Edit->Find) with a keyword and ta-da! (The ‘x’ next to them marks the link. Just in case you didn’t know…)

Jack Nicholson sent a champagne, mom took it (x)
At the MET gala wearing Dior - slides down handrail (x)
Had two shots of tequila and a beer before this interview, but the beer was my choice (x)
Sorry to everyone I shook hands with, I’m sick so you’re screwed (x)
Meets Steven Spielberg for the first time - cries about it (x)
Sometimes I call him ‘Jennifer’, it’s a pet name (x)
Falls up the stairs, gets standing ovation (x)
Wins an Oscar, falls (x)
On the Oscars Red Carpet, orders McDonald’s (x)
Wins a SAG Award, thanks MTV (x)
Coolest thing about the Oscars? M&M’s with her face on them (x)
Victoria’s Secret names her eyes the sexiest, upset that it’s not her boobs or butt (x)
Meryl Streep walks into the room while she’s talking to Bill Maher, puts her hand in his face with a “Not now, Bill!” so she could stare at her (x)
What grande lady would you have played in the past? Bridget Jones (x)
Enters a room full of big movie names, runs to Kara Hayward (x)
Bradley Cooper is great, it’s just a shame he’s so ugly (x)
I just found out about our relationship in the tabloids today, so I think we should break up (x)
This dress has pockets (x)
Walks the red carpet, not sure what she’s wearing (x)
Wins a People’s Choice Awards, references Mean Girls in her speech (x)
Wins a Golden Globe, quotes The First Wives Club in her speech (x)
Nominated for a SAG award - So I guess all that terrible dancing was worth it? (x)
The new face of one of the world’s largest fashion brands - hates shopping (x)
Gets into the Academy, mom steals her Oscar ballots (x)
Loses breath when walking from table to stage (x)
Waits hours to see an explosion, misses it (x)
Meets people whom she admires, spits on them (x)
Moves to LA, takes years to make friends (x)
Paparazzis in her face while hands are full of suitcases - asks them to help her (x)
A group of fans waiting outside of her hotel, rushes to hug and kiss them (x)
Heels or flats? How about no shoes at all? (x)
Jodie Foster thought that she was “too dark” for the role - flew in for a meeting to show that she’s an idiot (x)
Paparazzis following and taking pictures - derp!face (x)
Q&A session with a question from the crowd behind her, turns around to answer the fan directly (x)
Mother doesn’t recognize her with new hair color and walks out of trailer, lets her go (x)
911 operator asks her on the phone if anyone has been injured in car accident, “I’m so hungry” (x)
Always loved food too much to be a model (x)
Looking at a picture of herself, “Aw, photoshop, I love it” (x)
Can’t be there at the MMA ceremony, busy meeting royalty instead (x)
Gets asked about marijuana usage, says can’t answer because in a franchise (x)
Winning the ‘Golden Popcorn’: “I can’t eat this.”  (x)
When gets first real paycheck, wants to bathe in a pool full of pasta (x)
Played some challenging roles, “That’s just a coincidence.” (x)
Try to be likable so people would go see your movies (x)
New Year’s resolutions? Going absolutely fantastic, since didn’t make any (x)
It’s a fucking amazing movie (x)
If could interview anyone, it would be Hulk Hogan (x)
Please give me this part, I’ll boil a rabbit (x)
In 10 years might be running a rodeo (x)
Why can’t I say anything normal (x)
So you say you like exercising? Let me punch you in the face (x)
Are you hungry? Because I have a whole burger-fries-Budweiser fantasy going on (x)
Fearlessly climbs all the trees you point at, mindlessly screams when there’s a spider (x)
Finds our she’s about to shoot a movie in Prague, looks up what’s Czech for “beer” (x)
The perfect topic for a first phone call conversation: zombies (x)
On set with Bradley Cooper, asks him if she smells (x)
Tells brothers about her worries that everybody hates her because her face is all over the place, “No they hate you because you’re ugly” (x)
Goes on red carpet, feels like a chihuahua (x)
Award ceremonies? I’ll just sit in this corner thinking about how I’m not cool enough for this party (x)
You can’t work, when you’re hungry (x)
If had more free time? Probably wouldn’t even put her pants on all day (x)
The internet is like the universe, it never ends (x)
Works with John Hakwes, dad geeks out on him (x)
Staying in character? That ends at craft service (x)
Brilliant but swears like a sailor (x)
Being told that hers was the best cold read they ever heard from a 14-year-old, mother reassures her that they’re lying (x)
Doesn’t work right up there (x)
Everything she says is funny and adorable. Everything. (x)
Surrounded by screaming fans, calls for her mom (x)
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt two feet away from your table, it changes you (x)
Worked with Chloë Moretz before it was cool (x)
The internet scares me (x)
People start screaming when they see her, turns around looking for the “real celebrity” behind her (x)
Gets half of Hollywood’s dream role, takes three days to accept (x)
Moves to LA, hates it (x)
Tilda Swinton initiates conversation, “I’m such a big fan of yours” is the only answer she gets (x)
Swear jar on set, half the money in it was hers (x)
The fans? They scream. They cry. One of them almost fainted (x)
Hey, sis, want me throw a skateboard at that paparazzi? Sounds like a plan (x)
Goes on talk show, talks about vagina exercise (x)
Sees co-star getting interviewed, asks how his rash is doing (x)
Went on David Letterman, told her to get on medication (x)
Before red carpet do shots (x)
How can I hold all these boobs (x)
You know you made it, when you are digging through Angelina Jolie’s garbage (x)
Best way to deal with life-changing experience: denial (x)
Nominated for an Oscar, still calls herself a troll (x)
Told that too pretty to play the part, flies back on a red-eye and doesn’t shower/sleep before the next audition (x)
Sees herself on every magazine’s covers: “Yeah, everybody hates me” (x)
Gets excited when given a bowl, disappointed when it’s not food (x)
You think you have a hard job? Try being her publicist (x)
So Liam, do you have sex with kangaroos? (x)
If could play any other Hunger Games character: Wes Bentley’s beard (x)
I DO know where my Stockholm Festival awards is - I think (x)
Not down-to-earth, just dumb (x)
Helena Bonham Carter and Jeff Bridges are waving, probably at the wall behind me (x)
Dieting is for fools (x)
Knows how to properly introduce herself: “Hi, Woody, is that a sex swing?” (x)
Secret talent: derp face (x)
Goes on a mall tour, forgets to shave armpits (x)
Hollywood is seductive? More like slightly repulsive (x)
Cannot answer your question, she’s in a franchise (x)
Wants to ask Robert de Niro for an autograph, he asks first (x)
Became famous - plans to buy a house, a big dog and a shotgun (x)
Was raised peeing in the woods (x)
Sure, I work out - if by working out you mean eating french fries and laying in bed until 3 (x)
It’s not Angelina Jolie’s role, it’s her leftover (x)
The difference between an indie and a blockbuster? The trailer is bigger and the food is better (x)
A cookie with Jeff Bridges’ face on it? Keeping it forever (x)
Can’t go out, because famous (x)
Being interviewed at the Oscar red carpet, calls over her mom (x)
Kicks co-star in the head giving him a concussion, needs to be consoled by him (x)
Flies first class, chats about Harry Potter (x)
Favorite part of the day is eating (x)
Gets overwhelmed by question, starts talking with interviewer about where he’s from (x)
NEW dress for the Oscars? Why, what’s wrong with the Golden Globe one? (x)
Does all her stunts, can’t do the whistling (x)
Goes to award ceremonies, can’t talk to people, because fangirling (x)
Brings cookies and ice-cream for injured co-star, eats it (x)
There’s no interview without peeing (x)
Interviewer mentions how he sees her face everywhere, apologizes (x)
Asked about not-so-secret boyfriend - basketball buddie (x)